Helena Citizens' Council Recommendations

The HCC advises the City Commission. Read our recent reports and recommendations below:

Recommendation for Henderson St. Bridge (Eric Feaver Memorial Bridge) November 2022

Recommendation supporting Passenger Rail Service through Helena August 2022

Motion to Advise the City Commission to Immediately Amend the Definitions of Daycare Facilities to be Compliant with Montana Statutory Requirements        July 2022

HCC Budget Recommendation to the City Commission FY2023

Jefferson School Crossing(s) Recommendation May 2022

Commission Consideration of HCC Recommendations October 2021

Composting Recommendation 2021

HCC Review and Recommendation FY2022 Revised Preliminary City Budget

Capital T Bus Signage Recommendation February 2021

 Resolution for Waste Reduction in Helena January 2021

 The HCC recommends the conversion of the Upper and Lower DeFord Trail to an ADA compliant trail that would accommodate wheelchairs, families and slow users.

HCC Recommends Open Lands Advisory Board to include member that represents person with disability/mobility issues September 2020

HCC Recommendation on Continued Virtual Public Participation in Commission Meetings  September 2020 

Urban Deer Recommendation August 2020

SRO Recommendation July, 2020

HCC Final Review & Recommendations FY21 Preliminary City Budget

HCC Beattie St. Trailhead Recommendation

HCC Endorsement and Support for the Helena Citizens Conservation Board (CCB) Growth Policy Recommendation (September 2019)

Street Lighting Recommendation (July 2019)

Abandoned Cars and Car Camping

City of Helena Growth Policy Summary 2019

Plastic Recycling

Vehicle Storage and Illegal Parking on City Streets (July 2018)

FY 2019 City Budget (March 2018)

Snow Removal Discussion (June 2018 Minutes)

Downtown Parking (2018)

Civic Center (November 2017)

Fiscal Year 2018 Helena City Budget Recommendations (June 2017) and Corrections (July 2017)

Civic Center (June 2017)

Downtown Walking Mall Maintenance (April 2017)

Community Decay Ordinance Changes (January 2017)

Local Fuel Tax Option (2016)

Cell Phone Use While Driving (December 2016) Attachment

Support of Passenger Rail Service (September 2016)